Friday, December 30, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9 more days to go

memang banyak sgt benda yang nak share, but the time is so limited.

time ada byk masa, time tu la mood takde...lumrahkan, hidup manusia is up and down.

Actually tinggal beberapa hari utk I dgn Farih go to the next level - Our E Day is coming on the 25th Dec.

Ramai tanya, kenapa lambat sgt, kenapa tu, kenapa ni...banyak faktor.Banyak juga yang perlu kami berdua lalui. I memang tak nak gopoh untuk kejar masa, lagipun byk benda yang perlu kami complete kan dalam masa sekarang.

Impian & cita-cita.

~ Doakan Cinta kami hingga ke Syurga ~

Friday, June 17, 2011

Part 3

Igt tak ari tu I bgtau I speechless bila si dia bgtau yg dia nak kahwin dgn I?
Memang boleh gugur jantung tu. Tapi biasa la buat-buat cool walaupun tak cool. I bukan apa pengalaman lepas mengajar supaya jangan percayakan orang, walapun sepatutnya kita tak patut buruk sangka pada org lain, tapi maaflah bak kata orang kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga...Kiranya I anggap si dia tu pun sama macam lelaki lain yang cuma tau menabur janji manis kemudian menghilang...

Lama juga I nk buat keputusan, tapi semua dihapuskan dengan kepercayaan dan sikap si dia yang 'gentlemen' serta bijak menangani test2 yang I bagi. Maksudnya dia dah lps level memenangi hati I. And the moment I say I love You to him is really precious moment.....

Now the journey is begin, no I, no you....but is about US.
every step that we take is a journey to the live together forever.....

The next level is both of us must accepting both parents...

To be continue.......

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mission : Accomplished

Kami dah pergi kursus Kahwin!

Ok, I tau...we all still hutang cerita.
Stay tune tau! because a lot of story that we wanna share!

Love is in the air ~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How We Meet & Declare as a Couple Part II

Stay at his hometown was so great experience that I ever had.

Cu masak memang sedap, I 'fall in love' with her Ikan Patin Masak tempoyak.
All the cousins start close with me...just Aqil, because he is so shy.
And Opah, is the most person who a really close with.

Actually, I x pernah lagi pegi rumah orang yang I baru kenal. My mum terperanjat bila I cakap pada dia yang I ada kat kampung Farih. My mum tau la sikit2 pasal Farih sebab I cerita kat dia.
I think as a parents, no matter how far I stay from them I still report to her what I do, with who that I be friend with & wherever I go, they must know about it.

I stay with Farih's family for one night only. The next day, we had to go back to Penang as on next Monday Farih need to work. Compare dengan I yang dah rasmi tidak bekerja buat sementara waktu.

On the way back to Penang, both of us can't stop talking about the experience that I had in his village. I pakai baju kurung tau masa farih bawa I jalan-jalan kat Pekan Kuala Kangsar. He can't stop teasing me. Memang geram jugak dengan perangai dia yang main-main tu. Till at one point both of us so speechless & got nothing say. I have no words to say. The situation was so damn silence.

Then he ask me 'Jom kahwin dengan aku'
I was shocked & in split second I just laugh because I know he was joking only. But then he hold my hand & said that it was true as he really mean it.

I dah malu & tak tau nak cakap apa...

to be continue........

How We Meet & Declare as a Couple Part I

The way we meet actually not really romantic or so call drama.
It just when a two person work in the same place, always talk & share a same thing it can be an attraction.

But, in our situation I was his good friend & I have an intention to 'match' him with my best friend Ratna. The 'matching' thing seems not work to both of them, which is I don't know why as they keep 'fighting' when they meet up.

On 19th March 2011 on my mum birthday I was having really big trouble & I was crying like non stop since morning till afternoon, he was so worry & he really show his empathy & comfort me with his words. The most thing that I was so touch, when he don't want me to stay alone here while he back to his home (he worry that I will out of mind & do bad thing). So, he invite me to his home.

Don't make any assumption till you finish read this.

He bring me back to his hometown, I was introduced to his 'Opah' , Cu, Cu Jun & another 9 cousins. Imagine how 'meriah' the house. His mum & dad was in Vietnam that time. So, I got no chance to meet both of them.
Imagine this, the way I wear is quite 'modern' with curly hair yg dibuat kat kedai, all the his cousins call me 'auntie London' because the way I look.

The most part that I really worry is the perception from them towards me. He told me that his Opah quite fussy when it comes to a girl that he be couple with.

I said to him that "we are not couple, we are just friend, don't worry as you are not my are so 'jambu' "
I memang panggil dia jambu sebab dia putih & nampak macam tak pernah buat kerja berat.
He just give me smile face & said "Takpe...kau 'kutat' (ejek) aku!"

I was lucky because I was easily can 'fit' in to the family. Cu & the rest really welcome me as guest, but Opah was ignore me, I really worry sebab malam tu I kena tidur dengan Opah. But I try to get close to her & at last she really likes me. We talk a lot of thing that night, talk about Farih behave when he small. I can't stop laughing. Seriously it was fun because it heal all my sadness.

Farih really shocked because Opah never be happy like last night. He said that Opah looks different. Based on the conversation between him & Opah, Opah said that she really like me.
Farih just told her that we are just friend not more than that.

to be continue......

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We are start as a friend, just a friend who easy to talk & easy to get along.
We laugh & share the story.
We comfort each other when one of us having a problem.

We meet when we both just recovered from terribly heart broken from previous relationship.

We are not expecting that we both gonna fall in love as we really a good friend that time.
We got no intention to be more than that.

But, who knows future? ALLAH SWT knows better.
Like old quotes, everything happen with a reason.

Lots Love,
Diyana a.k.a DY